Experiential marketing has increasingly become the go-to strategy for brands. Here are some numbers:

  1. Hybrid events open up new ways to engage an audience. One of the biggest benefits of hybrid events, according to 48% of event planners, is that they provide more possibilities for people to connect.


  1. Experiential marketing allows businesses to reach out to customers wherever they are. In October 2021, about half of consumers returned to “regular” out-of-home activities, such as attending events. With new versions on the horizon, hybrid events will appeal to both consumers who haven’t yet recovered from the epidemic and those who have.


  1. Early adopters are increasing their bets, and new brands are joining the party. In 2022, 48% of marketers that utilized experiential marketing in 2021 aim to expand their investment in this sort of marketing, while 9% plan to spend for the first time.


  1. Cross-channel collaboration isn’t going away anytime soon. Customers are engaged in real time by 75% of marketers across several channels, including immersive channels like hybrid events. Marketers rely on pre-produced video (81%), streaming video (73%), and virtual experiences to support these efforts (46%).


While marketers have been tapping into experiential marketing for some time now, the trend has accelerated in recent years.